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The Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism of the Kyrgyz Republic recommends to all citizens to pay special attention to their safety and health in winter time

Winter is a great time to relax in the ski resorts. Downhill skiing and snowboarding are extreme sports associated with an increased risk of various injuries, requiring a person to have a certain physical fitness. In order for the rest to be not only pleasant, but also safe, it is important to observe a number of safety rules for adults and children.
The Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism recommends that tourists and vacationers observe safety measures and pay special attention to their health. Before climbing the slope, you should familiarize yourself with the rules in force on the territory of ski resorts and strictly follow the requirements and recommendations set out in them.
1. A skier or snowboarder must behave in such a way as not to endanger himself or cause harm to others.
2. Beginners should carefully study the rules of behavior when skiing or snowboarding. It is advisable to start skiing with the instructor (professional or Amateur with riding experience).
3. Equipment used for skiing or snowboarding, must be in good condition, and skis or snowboard intact, without visible changes in the shape and no cracks.
4. On the track you need to keep your distance and remember that the collision is always to blame the one who went from the lift.
5. The skier or snowboarder must pay attention to the signs indicating the direction, warning of danger or closure of the route, and take into account the markings indicating the level of difficulty.
6. Do not stop on the main direction of descent, at the foot of slopes and slopes, on rollouts.
7.In the event of a fall, you need to clear the track as quickly as possible or quickly identify yourself if you are behind a hillock.
8. If you are injured, you should call the skaters nearby to report the incident to the instructor on the lift or to the lifeguard. It is better not to disturb the injured place before the arrival of rescuers, and in case of bleeding-take measures to stop it with improvised means.
9. Children must ride under the supervision of an instructor or parents, adults. Children under 12 years of age are not allowed to ride on difficult, professional ski slopes.
When riding downhill, the following safety rules must be observed:
1. To climb a snow or ice slide should only be in the place of ascent, equipped with steps, it is forbidden to climb the slide where others roll down towards you.
2. Do not move out until the previous descending one has moved away.
3. Do not linger at the bottom when you have moved out, but quickly crawl away or roll away.
4. Do not run across the ice track.
5. To avoid injury, do not ride while standing on your feet or squatting.
6. If a passer-by passes by the slide, wait until he passes, and only then make the descent.
7. Avoid sliding down slides with uneven ice surface.
8. At the first sign of frostbite, as well as in case of poor health, immediately stop riding.
Remember that slides, slopes for skiing – this is a place of increased danger. With small children, you should not go to a crowded hill with steep slopes and jumps.
Follow the simple rules of skiing from the slides and you will protect yourself and others from possible injuries and damage.

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